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How to scratch build trains and boats

A website dedicated to providing the novice, and not so novice modelmaker an easy to follow, practical guide to fun

  • Learn unique scratch building techniques
  • Save lots of money by doing it right first time
  • Use every day materials in a home workshop environment




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A great start

I am a seasoned scratch builder with many years experience, and my focus on these pages is showing unique ideas for doing things that are cheap, effective and work. Unless someone has been inside my head I think you will find these ideas don't exist anywhere else. 

This slightly opinionated web page will give you great a start.  There are lots of free videos on this page and on my utube page.  Enjoy, because I have enjoyed producing the material you find here.  See what others have really said under feedback.  (ie really said... not made up)


New Stuff

Check out new Uboat Pond Patrol video under the boats tab.  The 'U Boat' is finished but there are still some movies outstanding.  (28 finished out of 59)  The finished movies are in the member's area but remember they are incomplete.

 utube channel

About the Redearth Railway

See video
About this page

A description of what is on the Red Earth website, including the DVDrom, the member section and the movie by movie purchase options. Some interesting reflections with a tropical twist.

Red Earth Fully OCD (The trip movie)

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Red Earth Fully OCD

A 15 minute trip around a layout 2.5 meters by .9 meters. What can I say other than if you watch this through you must take the medical advice at the end. I mean it. We are talking hypnotic obsession issues here. I would suggest any Pink Floyd music would be fine as an accompaniment.

How much did the red earth railway cost?

I have costed this project from beginning to end.  The ‘triparound’ movie shows the end product better than any other method and is the best way to whet your appetite for how this, and your future railway can look. 

The cost of the parts, including the various jigs and maintenance items was